How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Green tea lose weightMany researches from weight loss and medical experts alike have been able to conclude that green tea does indeed help with losing weight. However, note that green tea is only intended to help with your diet. Green tea alone will not let you lose weight.

Did you know that green tea is the healthiest beverage that you could ever consume? It has plenty of antioxidants that aid in detoxification and that can also help with avoiding many illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. A single cup of green tea already rewards you of potent biological effects. For example, the polyphenolic antioxidant component of green tea contains anticarcinogenic components that aid in lowering your risk for many kinds of cancers.

Another component that makes green tea help you lose weight is its caffeine content that has shown to have fat burning components. In addition to this, having some caffeine in your system helps you improve your performance whenever you are exercising. But more than this, green tea contains a heap of antioxidants called cathechins or ECCG (Epicallocatechin gallate) that boosts your metabolism.


Mobilizing Fat from Fat Cells

Before your body can burn fat, it needs to be broken down as a fat cell and it needs to be transported into the bloodstream. If you drink green tea, your body will make this process faster so that it can inhibit the production of fat burning hormones. The component of green tea that helps with this is the antioxidant or ECCG. ECCG increases and expedites the production of norepinephrine, a hormone that sends signals to the nervous system regarding the fat breaking process.


Green Tea and Exercise

If you have fitness and work out plan, it will benefit you a lot to drink green tea before your work out so that you can burn fat cells faster. There is a study that showed that men who drank green tea before their work out were able to burn 17% more fat during exercise compared to those who didn’t. This need not be hot green tea. You can chill the freshly brewed tea for a bit if you are more comfortable in consuming a cold drink before exercise. The Fresh Fitness personal trainers in Calgary like the idea of tea to enhance workouts that they’ve actually set up a cold tea bar in the gym!  Moreover, green tea also increases your metabolic rate. So it’s like saying that you are a fat burning machine once you have consumed a glass. Need help on the exercise? Look to hire a personal trainer!


Green Tea Extract

Although green tea us most popular for being consumed as a hot drink, there are many other ways on how you can ingest it. One is by cooling it first or adding some ice. If the flavor gets too boring for you, then you can add some honey or lemon to taste. But make sure that the honey you use is unprocessed and pure. Another popular means of taking green tea that has grown popularity over the past few years is through green tea extracts. This extract is usually in the form of a pill or a capsule. If you opt to intake green tea through this form, you must ask the advice of a health professional before doing so because you need to know how much you can take in a day in order to benefit your weight loss goals.

Green Tea after Workout – Achieve Max Results

You might have heard of the powerful and effective benefits of green tea to health. Numerous studies have proven how green tea can help our body to maintain a toxic-free state because it’s rich on antioxidants. The major effect of green tea that attracts all people is its ability to aid in fat loss, probably one of the greatest reasons why you’re working out. In fact, there was a proven study that shows green tea can reduce body fat by a small amount for a short time, though it is uncertain whether the reduction would be meaningful for most people. Though it doesn’t have a massive effect on weight loss, there’s still dozens of beneficial effects that you need in order to keep in shape.

Why Drink Green Tea?

Raw Tea Supplement

A Raw Tea Supplement

Drinking green tea (or other variety of teas) after workout is a great way to keep your body full of energy. It will also aid you in fat loss. How does that happen? Caffeine is present in green teas and you probably heard or knew about it. This caffeine helps control hunger, burn calories and excess water from the body. Therefore, taking a green tea serving after workout speeds up metabolism and in addition to that, it possesses a high level of antioxidants to keep your body in a perfect condition.

After Workout Effects

After workout, you feel tired, your muscles trembling from the heavy set that you just did. You lose a great deal of energy after working out and drinking green tea is a good way to help your body recover those lost energy. Plus, you probably never heard about it but working out create oxidative stress which can be bad for your cells and tissues, but green tea, being a powerful antioxidant, is there to eliminate them.

There was a recent study conducted among 14 men, whom half of them took six ounces of green tea three times a day. They are followed along with their blood samples for a week; tested after four set of bench presses every day. Those who drank green tea had less damaging lipid hydro-peroxide and more protective polyphenols in their blood before and after exercise. They also have 37 percent higher post-exercise levels of glutathione, which helps the body fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Therefore, we can conclude that green tea has a great effects for athletes.

The Contents of Green Tea

We all know that green tea contains many antioxidants and more than 700 various chemicals which includes alkaloids such as caffeine, B vitamins, proteins, dietary minerals, carbohydrates and more. One of the significant content of green tea is caffeine which has several effects to human health. It is believed to have the greatest impact in green tea’s weight loss effect and it helps on keeping one’s energy and alertness to an optimum level.

Nevertheless, drinking green tea whether you’re in a workout or not provides you with the ability to fight free radicals that can harm your body, so whether you like or not, drink green tea!

Switch Coffee For Tea and Relax Your Heart

tea-womanDoes that caffeine buzz have you going this morning and every morning? Does that jittery feeling create anxiety and stress in your morning routine? Want to get off coffee but don’t know how to remove it from your daily diet? The answer is here! Switch up your routine and substitute coffee for herbal tea and see how many ways it can improve your health and your life.

There are plenty of reasons to want to reduce or eliminate coffee from your diet. The effects extreme amounts of caffeine have on blood pressure are incredibly unhealthy, and that can lead to other heart problems, as well. Coffee stains your teeth, and gives you intensely bad breath. They call it coffee breath for a reason!

Herbal tea is a great alternative. You have a variety of caffeine contents in herbal tea, and you can select how much caffeine you want in your daily diet. If you goal is to reduce caffeine, and perhaps even wean yourself off of the stuff, you can start with a higher caffeine content herbal tea, and slowly choose teas with less caffeine until you’ve practically eliminated it from your diet.

Tea will also help your fitness regiment. If you have weight loss goals as many of my clients do, a lot of teas can actually help to stimulate your metabolism. Also, having a cup of tea before a workout can help to provide some stimulus to keep you going through that last set. As a personal trainer in Burnaby, we have a fantastic tea shop across from the gym and I recommend all of my clients to introducing tea into their diets to help improve results.

Black, green, and red teas all have varying amounts of caffeine, but herbal teas such as chamomile, mint, and fruit teas have no caffeine content at all. And these aren’t chemically decaffeinated with unnatural ingredients through a scientific process – they’re naturally caffeine-free.

You can still enjoy the morning or afternoon ritual of a warm beverage in a mug to get you through whatever you need to do, but now with the added benefit that it isn’t raising your blood pressure or affecting your dental health. Teas have other health benefits too. Chamomile soothes irritation, mint calms an upset stomach, and ginger teas help sore throats.

Tea won’t stain your teeth like coffee will. Even black tea doesn’t have the same effect that coffee does. While cream helps in that department, binding some of the tannins from coffee, it still will stain your teeth after years of consumption. Tea won’t do it, and doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste. You won’t be afraid to have a close conversation or smile at someone at the office after you drink a mug of hot herbal tea!

Whether you take your tea with cream and sugar or straight up, it is a solid alternative to coffee. Even if you can’t ditch your morning coffee routine, consider changing up your afternoon hot drink to tea and see what it does for your health, your heart, and your mood.

My Morning Routine

Morning Routine

What do the Simpsons have with this post? Just about nothing but I liked this image.

More often than not, I will wake up with a scratchy or irritated throat. I’m not exactly sure why, but I find myself needing something hot and soothing in the morning to start the day of right. As I’m sleepily making my way into the kitchen, it would be just as convenient to make a pot of coffee, but as my very weak stomach likes to remind me often, coffee goes right through me. Every time I drink coffee, my stomach is grumbling and aching for hours after.

So for my hot and soothing desire for my throat and my need to wake up and start my day calls for one essential ingredient: tea and lots of it! I’m a huge tea person, and it wasn’t until recently that I was introduced into the large world of teas. There are so many different teas that are complementary for different issues. For example, you’d drink a different strain a tea before going to bed and in the morning.

It can be overwhelming a bit at first, so I decided to do my research and see what benefits I wanted from my tea. There are many benefits from drinking tea such as teas that are rich in antioxidants can reduce your chance of cancer. The tea’s poluphenols may reduce gastric, esophageal, and skin cancer risks if one consumers 4 to 6 cups daily. Another study showed that with drinking only two cups a ay may even lower the risk of ovarian cancer by 46 percent in women! Some even lower cholesterol level, and prevents heart disease. Really, the list of health benefits of tea goes on and on.
After looking online for a tea that suites all my needs, and trying out a couple, I decided that my go-to tea was green tea. To be honest, green tea personally can be a bit bland just on its own, so I often find myself buying green tea bags that are infused with pomegranate or passion fruit to give a sweeter taste.

Green tea contains caffeine and usually a cup of tea contains about 30 to 60 mg of caffeine. This amount is low compared to about 120 mg of caffeine present in a cup of home-brewed coffee. This is perfect for the morning without having too much caffeine or a crash later.

As my green tea sits brewing, not having the full flavor I like just yet, I drink a glass of lemon water. While it may not taste like Granny’s iced tea, lemon water is a fantastic way to add some pep to your step in the morning hours. There a ton of benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning and a practice I strongly recommend everyone begins. Make sure you do it on an empty stomach!

After my lemon water, I sip my green tea on the way to Sweet Tea office!

Iced Tea – Are there Health Benefits?

Iced Tea Health

We all love Iced tea, especially on warm days and in summer time. There are so many varieties of iced tea available all over the world and it is one of the most popular beverage, which you can almost order on any restaurants anywhere in the world. Iced tea not only refreshes you, it also contains a number of benefits to keep you kicking hard and maintain a healthy body.

How iced tea came into existence? There is one story that goes like this… It was 1904 in St. Louis Exhibition; a tea exhibitor can’t allure anyone to his steaming beverage, probably because of the heat. People drove past his wares and they seem to be uninterested with a warm drink on a sunny day. Then, a flashy light bulb appeared on top of his head and he borrowed an ice from a nearby ice cream stand, now that beverage he created was one of the most famous drinks all over the world, which is commonly called as iced tea.

Tea – One of the Healthiest Drink in the World

We all know that teas are rich in antioxidants and it helps us clear out the body from disgusting toxins and other harmful substances. However, warm tea does have more benefits than cold tea, but that doesn’t mean you’d drink a hot and steamy tea under intense heat. You can have the benefits of “normal tea” from iced tea, only a bit less efficient. The main point with this is that it’s a better alternative than drinking a cold can of soda or similar beverages, which contain high amount of sugar and artificial ingredients that could lead to several chronic diseases like diabetes.

Benefits of Iced Tea – Lovely Drink for a Lovely Health

If you will be opting for an iced tea, it’s better to take the unsweetened one, but it still depends if you are willing to take an unsweetened. What’s the difference? Unsweetened has less calories. If you’d like, you might want to add raw sugar or honey to sweeten it. There is not so much difference at all, if you are concerned.

Here are some of the benefits of iced tea:

  • Iced tea is better than sodas and other carbonated drink. It could have the same thirst quenching power, but healthier alternative
  • Iced tea helps combat cavities and bad breath.
  • It contains several minerals and antioxidants which can help fight several chronic diseases
  • It can help people with body stress level
  • It can help people addicted to caffeine by lowering their intake (though tea do still have caffeine contents, only lesser)
  • Chill you out on a warm day

Iced tea is a healthy and better alternative than those of soda and other unhealthy beverages.